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mikepic: Meet The Team

Mike Greenberg, PHD, Editor and Owner.

Welcome! My name is Mike and for as long as I can remember (too long!) I have been in love with all things related to Mythology.

When I was a child some of my first memories were reading the stories of Jason and the Argonauts and then later watching the old movie. I still remember the feeling of pure excitement the first time I seen Medusa on the screen.

I decided to use my life long love of mythology and my expertise in academic research to create

Whenever I searched online for information about the old Greek, Norse or even Egyptian myths and legends I was always left feeling slightly disappointed with what I could find online.

Yes, there were lots of websites and most of them had accurate information but it was all so messy and outdated. Some of the websites looked like they had not been updated in 2o years!

It was then I decided that is going to become the definitive resource for all things related to Mythology

This site represents a lifetimes worth of research and learning into Mythology, presented in a modern and fresh way. My mission is to present all the facts and knowledge about Mythology in a way that is clear, fun and most importantly easy to understand.

If you ever have any questions or comments I love to hear your feedback so simply reach out and say hello.

Email: Mike (at)

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An Important Note to Students and Academics:

I truly believe that the content here is the most accurate and easy to understand presentation of the world of mythology. You are more than welcome to cite the contents of this website as part of your academic research or as part of your work as a student on the condition that you properly cite this website as your source of content.

Many thousands of hours have gone into creating this content and giving it to the world for free so I would really appreciate it if you could make sure to properly reference this website if you choose to cite it in any written work that you produce.

If you have any questions please contact me and the team and we will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

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